Main: Riel Conversations “All About Alts” and Songs from The Nightingale “Hurricane Gabrielle”

Tune in to Radio Riel’s main stream this evening for two spe­cial broad­casts.

First, at 7:00pm North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic Time, there is “Riel Con­ver­sa­tions: All About Alts”. I (Gabrielle Riel) dis­cuss the use of alts in Sec­ond Life with Sele­na Anan­si and Pru­dence Jekyll. We  talk about the types of alts you can encounter in Sec­ond Life and tech­niques for iden­ti­fy­ing and deal­ing with mali­cious alts.

Then, at 8:00pm North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic Time, there is a spe­cial edi­tion of Songs from The Nightin­gale. “Hur­ri­cane Gabrielle” is the musi­cal wrap-up to the vir­tu­al hur­ri­cane that I have been run­ning in my estate all week­end and it fea­tures con­tem­po­rary pop music.

If you are in Sec­ond Life, please join us at The Nightin­gale for the lis­ten­ing and dance par­ties. SLURL:

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