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This year’s Relay For Life of Sec­ond Life week­end is upon us! The cul­mi­na­tion of months of fundrais­ing events in aid of the Amer­i­can Can­cer Soci­ety takes the form of a vir­tu­al Relay for Life, where, just as in real-world RFL event of the same name that take place around the world, avatars run around a vir­tu­al track rais­ing mon­ey for can­cer research. In addi­tion, again just as in RL, there are “camp­sites” built by the fundrais­ing teams — many of which are quite remark­able and worth a vis­it.

Radio Riel has been asso­ci­at­ed with RFLof­SL for sev­er­al years in sev­er­al ways: this year our prin­ci­pal par­tic­i­pa­tion is as the co-cre­ators, with Zan­der Greene, of Fan­ta­sy Faire Radio, the offi­cial radio sta­tion of one of the biggest fundrais­ing events for RFLof­SL, Fan­ta­sy Faire. FFR is also an offi­cial RFLof­SL Media Part­ner.

Over the com­ing week­end, Radio Riel’s Main Stream will be car­ry­ing three days of spe­cial Fan­ta­sy-themed pro­gram­ming, includ­ing a live broad­cast from the deck of the FaireChylde, FFR’s Fan­ta­sy Faire drag­on-pow­ered sky-ship home, moored tem­porar­i­ly at Booke Marsh Sta­tion on Media Row in RFL Give. Vis­it FFR here in Sec­ond Life.

On Fri­day 15th, Gabrielle Riel will be pro­gram­ming Main Stream in a spe­cial­ly-themed “Once Upon A Time” broad­cast. On Sat­ur­day 16th, Elrik Mer­lin will be playlist­ing Main for a fan­ta­sy-themed day’s pro­gram­ming includ­ing a live show from the deck of the FaireChylde at 1pm Pacif­ic Time/21:00 UK time. Then on Sun­day 17th, Gabi will be pro­gram­ming a day of Ear­ly Music.

Do tune in, and if you are a Sec­ond Life lis­ten­er, do come and vis­it FFR in-world.

And if you would like to donate to this very worth­while cause, sim­ply click here.

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