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If it were music, what would a new year sound like? To find out, join us on Sun­day Decem­ber 30 at 2pm Pacif­ic Time / 22:00 GMT for a spe­cial pro­gramme live on Radio Riel’s Main Stream, fea­tur­ing Radio Riel pre­sen­ters Gabrielle Riel and Elrik Mer­lin, and guest pre­sen­ter Ktahdn Vesu­vi­no as they play a total of three hours of their musi­cal selec­tions rep­re­sent­ing their Reflec­tions On A New Year. The choic­es will like­ly be quite eclec­tic.

The pro­gramme will be broad­cast live on Radio Riel’s Main Stream, from 2–5pm Pacif­ic Time on Decem­ber 30.

Elrik Mer­lin kicks off pro­ceed­ings for the first hour, fol­lowed by an hour with Ktahdn Vesu­vi­no and con­clud­ing with an hour of selec­tions from Gabrielle Riel.

If you are a Sec­ond Life res­i­dent, feel free to join us in front of the Radio Riel build­ing in Res­o­lu­tion Square in The Dick­ens Project, on LEA 7. (Pic­tured above.)

Click here to start your play­er if your brows­er is set up to pass streams to an exter­nal play­er. You can also lis­ten via TuneIn, either with their web site or via the TuneIn App.

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