Main & Dieselpunk: Swing Songs from the Nightingale, Stormy Weather

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by Gabrielle Riel on Sunday, 24 August, 2014

Today’s Swing Sunday program on Radio Riel’s Main stream includes “Songs from the Nightingale: Stormy Weather”, Gabrielle Riel’s live broadcast from from 6:00pm — 7:30pm North American Pacific time.

As of last week, the Atlantic Hurricane season transitioned into its peak period. In honor of this stormy season, tonight’s Swing Songs from the Nightingale is “Stormy Weather” with songs about rain, storms and the return of sunshine! As always this evening’s program is a mix of classic big band, swing and electro‐swing.

You can tune in to tonight’s program on Radio Riel’s main stream or on Radio Riel Dieselpunk.

Photo by Aoife Lorefield.

If you are a resident of Second Life, this weekend was the annual hurricane event in St John. The waters are finally receding, but we had a rough go of it, with extensive flooding. I (Gabi) am going to have to have several shipments of lumber brought in in order to have enough wood to replace all of our floors.

If you are in Second Life during Swing Songs from The Nightingale, I invite you to join us at The Nightingale in St John Parish! (


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