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by Otenth Paderborn on Saturday, 12 December, 2015

Radio Riel will celebrate St Lucy’s Day, December 13, with Luciafest, a Swedish custom dating to the late 18th century that has spread throughout Scandinavia. The holiday traditionally includes the eldest daughter in a family, robed in white, bringing coffee and saffron buns called lussekatt to her parents while wearing a crown of (lit!) candles. Modern public processions of young women and girls are led by an elected Lucia and include boys.

Join Otenth Paderborn for a variety of Scandinavian music traditional and modern, serious and comic, with a dash of klezmer for Hanukkah.

3–5 pm, SLT at the Bashful Peacock in Caledon Wellsian or on Radio Riel Main.

(Illustration: Christmas card by Adèle Söderberg, 1880–1915)


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