Generation X with Gabrielle: 80s Goth

Tonight, Gen­er­a­tion X with Gabrielle returns to Radio Riel’s aether waves!

This was my (Gabi’s) first show that I start­ed on T1 Radio 6 years ago and its all about the music that was released (and/or pop­u­lar) from 1980 — 1999…the years when Gen­er­a­tion X ruled pop cul­ture.  Begin­ning tonight, Gen X with Gabi will run on the sec­ond Sun­day of every month from 6:00pm — 7:30pm North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic time on Radio Riel’s Main stream.

Tonight’s show focus­es on clas­sic 80s Goth music with some Indus­tri­al and Alter­na­tive thrown in for good mea­sure. Spike your hair and don your black for this trip back to when Goth was young and every­one was emo! If you hap­pen to be in Sec­ond Life, please join us at The Nightin­gale in Witch­port for a Goth­tas­tic good time. (SLURL:

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