Gabrielle in Wonderland: Electronic Classical Music

Gabrielle in Wonderland

It’s time for Radio Riel’s Steam­punk-fla­vored month­ly show “Gabrielle in Won­der­land”! Tune in this after­noon to either Radio Riel’s Main stream or to Radio Riel Steam­punk  from 12:30pm — 2:00pm North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic Time to lis­ten to this mon­th’s pro­gram, “Elec­tron­ic Clas­si­cal Music”.

This month Gabrielle Riel explores the many forms in which musi­cians have per­formed and record­ed clas­si­cal music via means of elec­tron­ic instru­ments.

If you hap­pen to be in Sec­ond Life you are wel­come to join us at The Claren­don in New Bab­bage at: .

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