Coming on Wednesday: We Love The Pirate Stations!

This com­ing Wednes­day we mark the anniver­sary of the clo­sure on August 14th, 1967, of most of Britain’s so-called “pirate” off­shore radio sta­tions that char­ac­terised the British music scene in the 1960s and changed the face of both British broad­cast­ing and pop­u­lar music for­ev­er.

In what has become an annu­al event, on Radio Riel’s Main Stream we’ll remem­ber the demise of the “Pirates”, with the music of the 1960s inter­spersed with actu­al radio jin­gles and trail­ers of the sta­tions, plus one of the first audio doc­u­men­taries on off­shore radio in Europe: The His­to­ry of Off­shore Radio by Paul Har­ris.

Tune in on Wednes­day for We Love The Pirate Sta­tions!

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