Caledon Country Dance: French Folk, The Old & New Worlds

Kevrenn Alre

Radio Riel’s main stream has folk music for your Fri­day afternoon/evening as I (Gabrielle Riel) play Cale­don Coun­try Dance from 4:00pm — 6:00pm North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic time.

Today’s Cale­don Coun­try Dance show is an exten­sion of the pro­gram that has been run­ning on our Main stream all day: . Tune in and you will hear not only folk music from a vari­ety of regions in France itself, but also from the regions where French peo­ple set­tled as they left the “Old World”, such as Québec, Louisiana and the French Caribbean.

If you are a mem­ber of Sec­ond Life and would like to join us in pix­el form, we would love to see you at Carn­taigh Green in the Cale­don sim. SLURL:

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