An English Folk Christmas – featuring the Radio Riel Players in “A Christmas Carol”

Today, Decem­ber 21st, at 10am & 4pm Pacif­ic / 18:00 & Mid­night GMT, as part of a pro­gramme pri­mar­i­ly con­sist­ing of Eng­lish sea­son­al folk music, Radio Riel is proud to bring you what has now become an annu­al event: the broad­cast of the pop­u­lar 2008 full-cast record­ing by the Radio Riel Play­ers of A Christ­mas Car­ol, by Charles Dick­ens, drama­tised in three parts.

Tune in to hear this Sec­ond Life Christ­mas clas­sic in which res­i­dents of the Steam­lands come togeth­er to add a Cale­don slant to a tra­di­tion­al sea­son­al tale. You can hear the broad­cast on our Main Stream at 10am & 4pm Pacif­ic / 18:00 & Mid­night GMT. All three parts will be broad­cast back-to-back, with a run­ning time of about an hour and a half.

If you’re in the vir­tu­al world of Sec­ond Life, it’s a great time to vis­it The Dick­ens Project where you can find the places described in the novel­la and wan­der about Dick­en­sian Lon­don — and there is a wide vari­ety of events talk­ing place today. Details here.

A (Cale­don) Christ­mas Car­ol

Drama­tised for radio by Saf­fia Wid­der­shins and Emil­ly Lady­bird.
Cast in order of appear­ance:
Nar­ra­tor — Elrik Mer­lin
Cler­gy­man — Mavromichali Szon­di
Grave-dig­ger — Alas­tair Why­brow
Pass­er by — Soliel Snook
Young Cratchit 1 — Saf­fia Wid­der­shins
Young Cratchit 2 — Mavromichali Szon­di
Ebenez­er Scrooge — Morde­cai Scaggs
Bob Cratchit — Podru­ly Pec­ca­ble
Fred, Scrooge’s nephew — Mavromichali Szon­di
1st Benev­o­lent Lady — Saf­fia Wid­der­shins
2nd Benev­o­lent Lady — Fuschia Bego­nia
Mar­ley — Alas­tair Why­brow
1st Spir­it (Christ­mas Past) — Soliel Snook
Jaeger — Mavromichali Szon­di
Fan­ny, Scrooge’s Sis­ter — Cor­nelia Roth­schild
Fezzi­wig — Podru­ly Pec­ca­ble
2nd Spir­it (Christ­mas Present) — Fuschia Bego­nia
Mrs Cratchit — Emil­ly Lady­bird
Martha Cratchit — Ter­ry Light­foot
Tiny Timasi­na — Cor­nelia Roth­schild
Belle, Fred’s wife — Saf­fia Wid­der­shins
Mr Top­per — Alis­tair Why­brow
Miss Rose, Belle’s sis­ter — Emil­ly Lady­bird
1st busi­ness­man — Mavromichali Szon­di
2nd busi­ness­man — Podru­ly Pec­ca­ble
3rd busi­ness­man — Elrik Mer­lin
4th busi­ness­man — Mavromichali Szon­di
5th busi­ness­man — Alas­tair Why­brow
Char­woman — Ter­ry Light­foot
Laun­dress — Emil­ly Lady­bird
Undertaker’s Man — Mavromichali Szon­di
Old Joe — Alas­tair Why­brow
Hus­band — Mavromichali Szon­di
Wife — Fuschia Bego­nia
Boy — Cor­nelia Roth­schild

The Radio Riel Play­ers were direct­ed by Fuschia Bego­nia and
the record­ing was pro­duced by Elrik Mer­lin.

At this time we also remem­ber two of the cast mem­bers who are sad­ly no longer with us, Alas­tair Why­brow and Soliel Snook. We ded­i­cate this broad­cast to their mem­o­ry, and to their fam­i­ly and friends in-world and out.

Today’s pro­gramme is pre­sent­ed by Elrik Mer­lin.  Click here to start your play­er if your brows­er is set up to pass streams to an exter­nal play­er or can play audio streams direct (many can).

You can also lis­ten via TuneIn, either with their web site or via the TuneIn App, or on Online Radio Box — with a com­plete playlist for the past sev­en days.

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