Upcoming changes may affect how you listen to Radio Riel

RR-lightfoot-logo250We would like to inform you in advance of some changes that will hap­pen in the next cou­ple of weeks that may impact how you lis­ten to Radio Riel.

We are con­sol­i­dat­ing our streams on to a new serv­er sys­tem, and as a result, the IP address­es of our streams except Main will be chang­ing.

If you lis­ten to the streams — or have a vir­tu­al world par­cel that has the media address set to one of our streams —  using an address con­sist­ing of a string of num­bers like then you will need to change your book­mark. If, how­ev­er, you use a name, like http://steampunk.radioriel.org, then no change will be need­ed.

All the links from the top left of this page, and those in our About Our Streams page will con­tin­ue to work, and you can use the URLs found there, which are as fol­lows:


We will have infor­ma­tion on the changes for you in the next week or so, so watch this space.

Thanks for your con­tin­u­ing sup­port of Radio Riel.

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8 Responses to “Upcoming changes may affect how you listen to Radio Riel”

  1. elithea says:

    i lis­ten often, via tune-in radio. hope they’ll be able to find you for me!

  2. Yes, we will be noti­fy­ing TuneIn of any­thing that will affect their list­ings. All six Radio Riel streams are list­ed on TuneIn, and for the last cou­ple of days we have been pub­lish­ing a full Playlist on TuneIn for the Main Stream.

    The Radio Riel Main Stream won’t be affect­ed by the changes.
    If you get any prob­lems, let us know and we’ll try to sort them out. There is bound to be a short time when TuneIn isn’t in sync with our serv­er address­es but we will try and make that as short as we can.

    Thanks for let­ting us know that you use TuneIn — that’s very help­ful. And thanks for lis­ten­ing!

  3. jim t says:

    Just a note about tune-in. Radio riel is not cur­rent­ly (Nov2) avail­able there. Hope­ful­ly they will update soon.

  4. Kevin Sampson says:

    FYI, sad­ly, I’ve not been able to lis­ten to Rever­ie (my favorite) on TuneIn for 3 days now.
    Main plays (Love it!) as well as Dieselpunk, BUT NOT Rever­ie, Steam­punk, New Toulouse, or Volksmusik. Hope it can be fixed soon, as TuneIn is 70% of my dai­ly lis­ten­ing and Rever­ie is 70% of that!
    You folks are great, and we want to con­tribute soon!

    • Elrik Merlin says:

      We sent the updates through to TuneIn as ear­ly as we could, but they don’t appear to have made the updates yet. At the same time, the old servers should have remained online until Novem­ber 3.

      TuneIn will let you add cus­tom URLs to the play­er, and add them to favourites. As a result per­haps you could, for the moment, copy the URLs from the top left of the Home Page and paste them into TuneIn.

      Our apolo­gies for any incon­ve­nience: while we did our best to avoid this hap­pen­ing, we were not able to get the new servers up and TuneIn updat­ed as quick­ly as we hoped, and it appears that the old servers have gone off ear­ly. 🙁

      • Kevin Sampson says:

        Thank you for your reply!
        I agree that it is more than like­ly an issue with TuneIn update:
        I should have told you that I had pre­vi­ous­ly:
        * tried to dis­card the old link (iPhone)
        * tried to copy/paste; “http://reverie.radioriel.org/listen.pls”,
        “reverie.radioriel.org/listen.pls”, “http://reverie.radioriel.org”, and “reverie.radioriel.org” all on the iPhone, return­ing only “no results for” mes­sages.
        * I am on TuneIn Pro and my wife is on the free ver­sion, hav­ing all the same issues.
        At least we have Main Stream!
        I am sub­mit­ting this issue to TuneIn in a moment and my wife has done so already. (Squeaky Wheel!)
        Thanks again for your Steam­ing ser­vice.
        Your ded­i­cat­ed lis­ten­ers, Kevin & Christi­na!

        • Elrik Merlin says:

          Thanks for let­ting us know, and thanks also for pok­ing TuneIn in the ribs. Once again, sor­ry for the dis­rup­tion.

          I am pleased to say that all our TuneIn links are work­ing again and I hope they work OK for you too.

          The main prob­lem here was in fact that the old servers went off the air ear­li­er than we expect­ed. We were expect­ing them to remain up until the 3rd but they went off on the 1st. TuneIn updat­ed on the 2nd and it took a while for that to prop­a­gate.

          Inter­est­ing that you could­n’t get any­thing by adding a cus­tom stream URL. I have the TuneIn Pro ver­sion on my iPhone and suc­cess­ful­ly added “http://xxx.radioriel.org” where “xxx” is the stream name, and they all worked fine: not too sure why they did­n’t work for you. How­ev­er… hope­ful­ly now all is well. Thanks again.

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