Radio Riel’s new server is on the air

We’re pleased to announce that our new ded­i­cat­ed serv­er sys­tem is now ful­ly on the air fol­low­ing exten­sive tests. If you are using the rec­om­mend­ed redi­rects — of the form “http://[name]” where “[name]” is the name of the stream (main, steam­punk, rever­ie etc)  then you should now be lis­ten­ing to the new serv­er. If you are using a numer­ic URL or one with the word “slserv­er” in it, you are still lis­ten­ing to the old serv­er, which will be going off the air short­ly. In addi­tion, you’ll miss live shows.

The main change that has tak­en place — apart from the fact that our streams are now run­ning on our own ded­i­cat­ed serv­er in a data cen­tre some­where in New Jer­sey — is that we are now run­ning Ice­cast-KH servers. Ice­cast is an open-source stream­ing audio serv­er with a long his­to­ry. We’re using the KH (Karl Heyes) branch of Ice­cast as it is sup­port­ed by Stream Licens­ing Inc who han­dle our North Amer­i­can music licens­ing.

We were pre­vi­ous­ly using Shout­cast v1 servers, but these were hit late last year by a move by Chrome and Safari browsers (ini­tial­ly) to block HTTP 0.9 calls to non-stan­dard port num­bers. Ice­cast does not suf­fer from this lim­i­ta­tion, and it’s also open-source. In addi­tion, the sys­tem of mul­ti­ple mount­points means that we have increased broad­cast flex­i­bil­i­ty.

You should now find that web-based play­ers such as the offi­cial Stream­Li­cens­ing play­er (accessed via the Lis­ten Now but­ton top left of this page) once again works. In addi­tion, the web play­er pro­vid­ed by the TuneIn curat­ed inter­net broad­cast direc­to­ry ser­vice now works again (and all our stream list­ings have been updat­ed with them). If you have any prob­lems lis­ten­ing to any of our streams, please tell us in the com­ments.

Thank you for lis­ten­ing!

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