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by Elrik Merlin on Tuesday, 31 January, 2017

We’re pleased to announce that our new dedicated server system is now fully on the air following extensive tests. If you are using the recommended redirects — of the form “http://[name]” where “[name]” is the name of the stream (main, steampunk, reverie etc)  then you should now be listening to the new server. If you are using a numeric URL or one with the word “slserver” in it, you are still listening to the old server, which will be going off the air shortly. In addition, you’ll miss live shows.

The main change that has taken place — apart from the fact that our streams are now running on our own dedicated server in a data centre somewhere in New Jersey — is that we are now running Icecast-KH servers. Icecast is an open-source streaming audio server with a long history. We’re using the KH (Karl Heyes) branch of Icecast as it is supported by Stream Licensing Inc who handle our North American music licensing.

We were previously using Shoutcast v1 servers, but these were hit late last year by a move by Chrome and Safari browsers (initially) to block HTTP 0.9 calls to non-standard port numbers. Icecast does not suffer from this limitation, and it’s also open-source. In addition, the system of multiple mountpoints means that we have increased broadcast flexibility.

You should now find that web-based players such as the official StreamLicensing player (accessed via the Listen Now button top left of this page) once again works. In addition, the web player provided by the TuneIn curated internet broadcast directory service now works again (and all our stream listings have been updated with them). If you have any problems listening to any of our streams, please tell us in the comments.

Thank you for listening!


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