Radio Riel’s 10th Anniversary – Documentary

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by Elrik Merlin on Tuesday, 13 June, 2017

The Designing Worlds documentary, DW Episode 339, on the history of Radio Riel is now available in both video and audio formats.

Since its founding on June 1st 2007, Radio Riel has grown from a single part-time stream broadcasting for a few hours a day to seven streams – the latest being Fantasy Faire Radio – on the air 24/7, with more listeners on the Internet at large than in-world.

In this extended programme we look at how internet and in-world radio works and we talk to Gabrielle Riel about how the station came to be. We go on to interview Edward Pearse, another Radio Riel co-founder, and as well as discussing his programming, we take a look at the impressive HQ buildings that he has built for the station over the years.

We continue with a chat with Diamanda Gustafson, Radio Riel’s Early Music specialist, about her monthly programme, Audite Nova. Then finally we talk to Otenth Paderborn, who originally brought European folk music to Radio Riel and is returning to the air after an extended absence.

Listen to the audio version on Mixcloud:

Watch the video version on Vimeo:

DW339 — Radio Riel’s 10th Anniversary on Vimeo.

Photo by Sonicity Fitzroy.


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