Radio Riel on Web-based players

Due to a secu­ri­ty imple­men­ta­tion, recent ver­sions of the Chrome and Safari browsers will no longer play our streams using web play­ers includ­ing the offi­cial Stream­Li­cens­ing Web play­er. For the time being you can use Fire­fox, but they will no doubt imple­ment a sim­i­lar con­fig­u­ra­tion at some point in the near future.

We’re work­ing on a fix for this, but it is very like­ly to require us to change all our lis­ten­ing URLs (as a serv­er update is prob­a­bly required at some point), so we will give you as much warn­ing as we can in advance of any major changes.

In the mean­time, if you want to lis­ten to us on the Web with any brows­er, we sug­gest that you use the TuneIn curat­ed lis­ten­ing ser­vice. This link will search for Radio Riel on the TuneIn ser­vice. (It may bring up a few oth­er things too, but main­ly us.)

Alter­na­tive­ly you can use an out­board play­er such as VLC  (all plat­forms) or Tap­in­Ra­dio (Win­dows only), both of which will also receive our exper­i­men­tal HE-AAC broad­casts. Either copy and paste the stream URL from the links top left of this page — maybe book­mark them in the play­er — or tell your brows­er that you want a play­er appli­ca­tion to han­dle files of type ‘listen.pls’.

We’ll keep you informed on devel­op­ments in this area.

Exper­i­men­tal play­er

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2 Responses to “Radio Riel on Web-based players”

  1. Otenth says:

    I cer­tain­ly hope does some­thing about their play­er quick­ly. I can vouch for the util­i­ty of TuneIn. I use it with my Sonos sys­tem and enjoy the vari­ety of ways in which I can browse radio sta­tions (ter­res­tri­al and online) in a vari­ety of ways.

    • Elrik Merlin says:

      The prob­lem isn’t the Stream­Li­cens­ing play­er. ANY web-based play­er in Chrome (55 or lat­er) or Safari will fail. Right now, you can (still) use the Stream­Li­cens­ing play­er in Fire­fox.

      Tech­ni­cal­ly this is because both browsers now block non-stan­dard port num­bers being ref­er­enced in http 0.9 head­ers — and this is what Shout­cast Ver­sion 1 servers use.

      The solu­tion is to move either to Shout­cast v2 or Ice­cast v2, nei­ther of which have this issue. I would pre­fer Ice­cast, frankly, but there are a cou­ple of queries regard­ing roy­al­ty account­ing that need to be addressed.


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