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by Elrik Merlin on Tuesday, 4 November, 2014

We are pleased to let you know that all six of our streams have now been updated on TuneIn and now point to the new server system. As a result, you can once again listen to all our streams via this popular curated internet radio service.

TuneIn not only offers web‐based access and smartphone apps, but is also used by a number of streaming home entertainment systems like Meridian Sooloos, Sonos, Squeezebox/Logitech and others to provide access to reliable internet radio sources.

If you’ve enjoyed Radio Riel New Toulouse via TuneIn in the past, you’ll notice that it has changed its name to Radio Riel Ragtime — nothing else has changed, however. It’s simply that the stream name in TuneIn was lagging behind a little — the renaming occurred a while ago.

We are now providing full‐time “NowPlaying” data for both our Main and Steampunk streams, and hope to add others in the future. This means that in addition to displaying the current track playing, along with album cover artwork where available, the player (the iPhone app for example) will also show a list of tracks played over quite an extended period (select “Show Playlist”). In addition, if you search for tracks you like, it will show you if Main or Steampunk have played it.


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