ZBS fans — don’t miss this opportunity for a free download

If you’re a fan of our ZBS Radio Hour on Sat­ur­days, where we fea­ture the incred­i­ble radio dra­mas pro­duced by ZBS Foun­da­tion since 1974, you’ll love this.

Boing Boing has arranged with ZBS to make the first Ruby ser­i­al avail­able for free down­load — for this week only.

Here are the details!

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2 Responses to “ZBS fans — don’t miss this opportunity for a free download”

  1. elithea says:

    does­n’t work. i click their link (on their page) and…bupkis. just thought you’d like to know.

    • Elrik Merlin says:

      Thanks for the com­ment — they must have had a tem­po­rary prob­lem; I tried the boing­bo­ing link just now and it worked fine. Sad­ly, how­ev­er, the one week peri­od has already passed 🙁


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