The Black Mass: Update

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by Elrik Merlin on Thursday, 29 November, 2012

Next week’s tale in our series The Black Mass is Disillusionment by Thomas Mann — a tale that is also, somewhat paradoxically perhaps, the origin of a popular song.

Listen to it next Wednesday at 11am or 7pm Pacific Time (19:00 / 03:00 GMT) on Radio Riel’s Main Stream.

We are now nearing the end of our broadcasts of this landmark radio drama series, with three more tales to go. By the end, we will have broadcast a total of 30 of the approximately 39 tales that were originally recorded for the series — we have been unable to locate tapes for the remaining nine works, but if we ever find them we will broadcast them if we are able.

We are most grateful to Erik Bauersfeld (above) and Bay Area Radio Drama for making this series available to us and we wish Erik every success in his other ventures. We would also like to thank John Whiting, at the time Production Director at KPFA Berkeley, who gave birth to the series in many ways, and carried out the superlative audio production on many of the tales. The tapes we have used for broadcast of these outstanding examples of radio drama have been culled from the collected materials of both gentlemen.

Read more about The Black Mass and Erik Bauersfeld’s other work on the Bay Area Radio Drama web site, and there is more on The Black Mass at John Whiting’s KPFA History site.

Meanwhile, of course, our series of broadcasts of the works of ZBS Foundation continues on Saturdays in the ZBS Radio Hour — and it’s interesting to note that ZBS’s co‐founder and current CEO Tom Lopez got his taste for radio drama while working at KPFA with Messrs Whiting and Bauersfeld.


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