Steampunk: Gallery of Curiosities, The Ape That Would Not Die

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by Gabrielle Riel on Sunday, 18 December, 2016

It’s a Steampunk Sunday today! Tune in to Radio Riel Steampunk for The Gallery of Curiosities “The Ape That Would Not Die” at 12:00pm and 7:00pm North American Pacific time . You can learn more about The Gallery of Curiosities at .

Tonight’s story mixes the classic African big game hunter trope with the merriment of the season. What could possibly go wrong? Well, quite a lot, actually.

Author Megan Engelhardt is short, round, and merry. A lapsed librarian, a displaced farm girl, and a toddler wrangler, she lives an hour away from the Sasquatch Triangle of Ohio. She tweets as @MadMerryMeg.

Narrator Richard Elen is a recording engineer, writer, and designer based in Cambridge, England. He is Technical Director of internet radio station Radio Riel, and co-host/editor of Designing Worlds, a weekly online TV show about design and designers in virtual environments. He also creates marketing materials for clients in the consumer and professional audio fields.

This story first appeared in Zombie Kong, an anthology edited by James Roy Daley, in January of 2012.

Story Music: Infados, Arid Foothills, Long Note Three, Ritual, by Kevin MacLeod

Good Christian Men Rejoice & Carol of the Bells by Jon Sayles

Ambience Backgrounds Costa Rica Jungle Exterior Night Light Bed Of Cicadas With Sound Effects by Pond5

dinosaur — mighty footstep 10 Sound Effects by Pond5

Theme song: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina

Osgoode’s Chorus: Walking Along by Kevin MacLeod

Released under a Creative Commons International 4.0 Attribution Noncommercial No-Derivatives License.

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