Riel Theatre Presents… Something Wicked This Way Comes.


In hon­our of the recent pass­ing of Ray Brad­bury, Riel The­atre presents Some­thing Wicked This Way Comes adapt­ed by BBC4

Drama­tised by Diana Grif­fiths

Will .. Theo Gre­go­ry
Jim … Josef Lind­say
Char­lie … Hen­ry Good­man
Mr. Dark .. Ken­neth Cran­ham
Mr. Coogar/Lightening rod sales­man … Ger­ard McDer­mott
Miss Foley .…. Bar­bara Barnes
Dust Witch … Buffy Davis
Robert .. Taran Stan­zler
Young Miss Foley .…. Amelia Clark­son
JED .…. Ethan Brooke
Com­pos­er .…. David Paul Jones
Sound .…. Paul Cargill
Produced/Directed by Pauline Har­ris

Set in 1960’s Illi­nois this gem of mod­ern Goth­ic lit­er­a­ture is the mem­o­rable sto­ry of two boys, James Night­shade and William Hal­loway, and the evil that grips their small Mid­west­ern town with the arrival of a “dark car­ni­val” one Autumn mid­night. These two inno­cents, both aged 13, (Will is born one minute before Hal­loween, and Jim one minute after) save the souls of the town (as well as their own). This is a vivid vari­a­tion on the eter­nal theme of the fight between Good and Evil. A thrilling, chill­ing, rich­ly kalei­do­scop­ic sound world ensues; a shim­mer­ing mir­ror maze that reflects your old­er or younger self, depend­ing on your desires, and a mag­ic carousel that plays Chopin’s Funer­al March for­wards — with each rota­tion you gain a year, and rotat­ing back­wards — you get younger.

Join us at the Claren­don Con­ser­va­to­ry from 7pm SLT on Thurs­day night or tune in to http://music.radioriel.org/

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