The Musical Mystery Tour

In a for­mat change the old Mil­lion Sell­er show is now, The Musi­cal Mys­tery Tour!




From the incep­tion of the orig­i­nal US Bill­board “Hot 50”, the UK’s “Top 40” and all the way through the decade of the 50’s up to the present the cov­et­ed No.1 spot in the chart’s has been a goal for every singer, musi­cian and artist.

Join Vic Morn­ing­ton today (Thurs­day 7th) at 5pm for the new Musi­cal Mys­tery Tour as Radio Riel takes you on a ran­dom trip through the decades to revis­it some of those old, and not so old No.1 chart hits from the UK, US and any oth­er chart Vic can get his hands on!

Togeth­er with the broad­cast, res­i­dents with­in Sec­ond Life can lis­ten in live as well by going to Radio Riel’s “Claren­don” in the City State of New Bab­bage.

Mil­lion Sell­ers at The Claren­don in New Bab­bage —

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