Million Sellers — Musicals! Part 1

For the first of the new Mil­lion Sell­ers shows this year, we are going down a dif­fer­ent road.


In the 1930s up to now, but more espe­cial­ly dur­ing its hey­day in the 40’s and 50’s, the musi­cals scene gar­nered lots of pop­u­lar­i­ty, and more espe­cial­ly, lots and lots of tick­et sales.  The clas­sic days of Metro Gold­wyn May­er musi­cals was, and still is, looked at by Hol­ly­wood crit­ics as the “Gold­en Age” of the big screen musi­cal.  With names like Fred Astaire, Ella Fitzger­ald, Frank Sina­tra and a whole host of oth­er top singers cov­er­ing and in some cas­es singing the orig­i­nal show tune tracks, it was the time when MGM sim­ply could not be beat.

Dis­ney on the oth­er hand, went down a dif­fer­ent road, a road they have become famous for…entertaining the kids.  The Dis­ney musi­cals was just as lav­ish, just as fea­ture rich and starred names which had already become house­hold names for their work on radio and stage.

Part 1 of the this mul­ti­part Musi­cal Mil­lion Sell­er looks to the age of MGM and Dis­ney Musi­cals.

Togeth­er with the broad­cast, res­i­dents with­in Sec­ond Life can lis­ten in live as well by going to Radio Riel’s “Claren­don” in the City State of New Bab­bage.

Mil­lion Sell­ers at The Claren­don in New Bab­bage —

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