World Wednesdays: Drones

Drones! No, not male bees. No, not par­a­sites liv­ing off the efforts of oth­ers. No, not remote-con­trolled air­craft! Musi­cal drones—like the bag­pipes, sitar, nyck­el­harpa, and human voice. Join Otenth Pader­born tonight, Jan­u­ary 14, 2009, at 6 pm SLT at the Radio Riel lis­ten­ing room in Wyre to sur­vey some of this musi­cal ter­ri­to­ry.

World Wednes­days
, a week­ly one-hour show on Radio Riel host­ed by Otenth Pader­born, is broad­cast on Please join us or lis­ten as you are able. Our pro­gram sched­ule is pub­li­cized on the Radio Riel cal­en­dar.

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