Wind in the Willows: Chapter 5

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by Gabrielle Riel on Saturday, 9 May, 2009

Listening party for The Wind in the Willows, and Special Lecture
Saturday, May 9,

Come as a character from Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows, and join us as we listen to a discuss a new chapter each week of the adventures of the shy but loyal Mole, the poetical Water Rat, the brave Otter, the gruff but kindly Mr. Badger, the vainglorious Toad, and all the other creatures of wood, stream, and field who populate this much loved story.

This month, the story continues as Mole, returning from day’s outing with Rat, is suddenly overcome with nostalgia as he hears the call of his old home, “Mole End”. Mole shows Ratty his digs and they light the place up in time to receive the visit of the neighborhood Field Mice, who have come a-caroling. Mole’s hospitable nature prompts him to invite them all in for supper, and a jolly party ensues.

The scenes at Mole End are some of the most affecting in the work, and have been a favorite with many of the work’s illustrators

After the Listening Party, please join us for a special Lecture as Folklorist Afsaneh Metaluna explores the folkloric elements, motifs, and references in Wind in the Willows and in Grahame’s world.

Big People may join us in Tinyville, or repose in comfort at the Oxbridge Library in Caledon Oxbridge

Those who can’t be with us in-world are invited to tune in at

Sponsored by the Caledon Library and Rachelville, and Produced by Radio Riel

Jan 10: The River Bank
Feb 14: The Open Road
March 14: The Wild Wood
April 11: Mr. Badger
May 9: Dulce Domum
June 13: Mr. Toad
July 11: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Aug 8: Toads Adventures
Sept 12: Wayfarers All
Oct 10: The Further Adventures of Toad
Nov 14: Like Summer Tempests came his Tears
Dec 12: The Return of Ulysses
Jan 9, 2010: All Day Programming of the entire book


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