Welcome Veronique Chevalier and the “Polka Haunt Us” Artistes to Radio Riel Steampunk!

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by Gabrielle Riel on Thursday, 4 March, 2010

Radio Riel is pleased to welcome Mademoiselle Véronique Chevalier and her friends on their album “Polka Haunt Us” Chez Radio Riel!  Here is Mlle Véronique’s bio from her website:

Veronique Chevalier is also known as The “Weird VAL” of Dark Cabaret. Being gonged off the première season of America’s Got Talent was irrefutable proof her gifts are wasted on the masses.”

Polka Haunt Us” is now in rotation on Radio Riel Steampunk (http://steampunk.radioriel.org) .

I (Gabrielle) have also added these albums to Radio Riel Steampunk as of today:

  • Danny Elfman’s “Alice in Wonderland” Original Soundtrack from the 2010 movie
  • Various artists’ “Almost Alice”, a tribute of contemporary artists to Alice
  • Martyn Bennett’s “Grit”, quite simply, hands down, the best Celtic/Electronica album I (Gabrielle) have ever heard
  • Shakespeare’s Sister’s “Hormonally Yours, a 1992 classic with an AlternaGoth sound



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