Welcome Veronique Chevalier and the “Polka Haunt Us” Artistes to Radio Riel Steampunk!

Radio Riel is pleased to wel­come Made­moi­selle Véronique Cheva­lier and her friends on their album “Pol­ka Haunt Us” Chez Radio Riel!  Here is Mlle Véronique’s bio from her web­site:

Veronique Cheva­lier is also known as The “Weird VAL” of Dark Cabaret. Being gonged off the pre­mière sea­son of Amer­i­ca’s Got Tal­ent was irrefutable proof her gifts are wast­ed on the mass­es.”

Pol­ka Haunt Us” is now in rota­tion on Radio Riel Steam­punk (http://steampunk.radioriel.org) .

I (Gabrielle) have also added these albums to Radio Riel Steam­punk as of today:

  • Dan­ny Elf­man’s “Alice in Won­der­land” Orig­i­nal Sound­track from the 2010 movie
  • Var­i­ous artists’ “Almost Alice”, a trib­ute of con­tem­po­rary artists to Alice
  • Mar­tyn Ben­net­t’s “Grit”, quite sim­ply, hands down, the best Celtic/Electronica album I (Gabrielle) have ever heard
  • Shake­speare’s Sis­ter’s “Hor­mon­al­ly Yours, a 1992 clas­sic with an Alter­naGoth sound


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