Welcome to The Clockwork Dolls!

Radio Riel is pleased to announce that The Clock­work Dolls are now in rota­tion on Radio Riel Steam­punk!  The Dolls, and their fans, have recent­ly dis­cov­ered us, so please wel­come all of them and their fab­u­lous, Neo-Vic­to­ri­an music.  The Dolls are also a part of The Gild­ed Age Record label, and we are thrilled to make anoth­er con­nec­tion between the Riel and Gild­ed “fam­i­lies”.

Tune in to Radio Riel Steam­punk by open­ing a media play­er, find its “Open Stream” or “Open URL” fea­ture, and enter: http://steampunk.radioriel.org .  Wel­come Dolls!

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