Welcome the Woodwinds: The Music of Emma Johnson

Today’s pro­gramme fea­tures mem­bers of the wood­wind fam­i­ly. In par­tic­u­lar, we are fea­tur­ing some of the record­ings of world-lead­ing British clar­inet vir­tu­oso Emma John­son, includ­ing Paul Read­e’s Vic­to­ri­an Kitchen Gar­den Suite (which was ded­i­cat­ed to her), Finz­i’s Clar­inet Con­cer­to and a series of Bagatelles by Stan­ford.

The solo instru­ments you’ll today include oboe, clar­inet, flute, bas­soon, recorder and more, includ­ing the gamut of Ear­ly Music wood­winds like the shawn (the pre­de­ces­sor of the oboe), cur­tal (a pro­to-bas­soon) and crumhorn.

The major­i­ty of today’s pro­gramme fea­tures music from the Baroque and Clas­si­cal eras, but there is some Renais­sance music too (and a lit­tle medi­ae­val) plus more recent works, includ­ing some light orches­tral com­po­si­tions and some mod­ern pieces by com­posers like Christo­pher Gun­ning and Richard Har­vey.

Then join us at 11am or 7pm Pacif­ic Time (this week, that’s 18:00 or 02:00 in the UK) for the lat­est install­ments of our adven­tures from ZBS Foun­da­tion in The ZBS Radio Hour.

MOVO1Mojo receives a call from “The Whis­tle Stop Hob­by Shop.” He’s told his pock­et watch has arrived. It’s a gift from some­one he’s nev­er met, a man named “Rufus.” But the pock­et watch has no hands or num­bers, just an opaque face that reminds Mojo of a Zom­bie’s eye.

Mojo is mis­tak­en for the detec­tive, Rufus. He’s hired to find Angeli­na, the miss­ing sis­ter of Philadel­phia gang­ster, Tony Riz­zo. By using his watch as a por­tal, Mojo is able to look beyond the veils of this world; he traces Angeli­na to a mys­te­ri­ous train called, “The Voodoo Express.”

Mojo dis­cov­ers that Rufus has his own per­son­al Mori­ar­ty, a man by the name of Baron La Croix. The man is a mas­ter of his craft, he has dark pow­ers, and a wicked sense of humor. Mojo is able to board the Voodoo Express, but get­ting Angeli­na off the train, that may mean leap­ing into hell and back.

Today’s pro­gramme is pre­sent­ed by Elrik Mer­lin. You can lis­ten to the pro­gramme in-world now at http://main.radioriel.org, or sim­ply click here to start your play­er, if your brows­er is con­fig­ured to do so. Lis­ten­ers in the Unit­ed States are encour­aged to tune in using this link: http://loudcity.com/stations/radio-riel/tune_in

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