Weird Al broadcast reprise

Due to time­zone dif­fer­ences there are many Euro­pean friends who are unable to hear the Radio Riel broad­casts. So after some gen­tle plead­ing from a cer­tain pix­ie I will be organ­is­ing a reprise broad­cast of last Tues­day’s Weird Al Spe­cial.

Start time is this com­ing Sat­ur­day, 1st of Sep­tem­ber at 5:00AM to 9:00AM SLT.

Come along down to the Guvnah’s Man­ion in Vic­to­ria city and enjoy a trib­ute to the undis­put­ed king of par­o­dy music. The par­o­dies, the orig­i­nal tracks, and the occa­sion­al rare “unre­leased” track will be fea­tured again. The com­men­tary will be a lit­tle dif­fer­ent as this is *live* broad­cast­ing!

And if you’re one of those Amer­i­cans who don’t go to bed until OMG o’clock in the morn­ing come along and lis­ten to some­thing sure to add some inter­est­ing dream imagery for slum­ber 🙂

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