We Wish You a Radio Riel Christmas!

Today we will be bring­ing you a selec­tion of sea­son­al music from many of the gen­res we cov­er on Radio Riel’s Main Stream, from Ear­ly Music to New Age, includ­ing clas­si­cal, folk and oth­er gen­res.

In addi­tion we’ll be bring­ing you radio dra­ma in two seg­ments: The ZBS Radio Hour at its reg­u­lar times — 11am and 7pm Pacif­ic (19:00 and 03:00 GMT) where we will be bring­ing our two cur­rent adven­tures to a close*; and also the com­plete Radio Riel Play­ers pre­sen­ta­tion of A Christ­mas Car­ol, in three parts, back to back.

Includ­ed in the music pro­gram­ming today will be a spe­cial treat: a com­pi­la­tion of excel­lent Christ­mas music, main­ly in a clas­si­cal and Ear­ly Music vein, orig­i­nal­ly com­piled by John Whit­ing, a staff mem­ber of the famous KPFA radio sta­tion in Berke­ley in the 1960s. He writes,

When I joined the staff of the UC Berke­ley Music Library in 1958, I was asked to put togeth­er a selec­tion of appro­pri­ate music for the Uni­ver­si­ty Library’s Christ­mas par­ty. For a cou­ple of delight­ful weeks I spent my spare time going through var­i­ous record col­lec­tions, includ­ing my own, and mak­ing a selec­tion of Christ­mas music, ancient and mod­ern, that avoid­ed the usu­al war-hors­es. (Bing Crosby’s lugubri­ous ren­di­tion of Silent Night was con­spic­u­ous by its absence.) The tapes were played every sub­se­quent Christ­mas.

Four years lat­er at KPFA I put them up as mis­cel­lany to fill the odd gaps in the broad­cast sched­ule dur­ing the Christ­mas sea­son. In 1966 I brought the mas­ters with me to Lon­don, where, as sound tech­nol­o­gy evolved, I trans­ferred them suc­ces­sive­ly to com­pact cas­sette, then to mini­disk, then to CD and ulti­mate­ly into mp3…”

John Whit­ing’s com­pi­la­tion lasts for two hours and will be broad­cast at 4am and 4pm Pacif­ic (noon and mid­night GMT). His pro­gramme notes list some of the pieces includ­ed in the pro­gramme:

  • Corel­li, Christ­mas Con­cer­to   First of sev­er­al record­ings by I Musi­ci
  • A Medi­ae­val Christ­mas    New York Pro Musi­ca, con­duct­ed by Noah Green­berg. 
  • Tra­di­tion­al French car­ols    Choral/instrumental arrange­ments from an LP that a friend had brought back from France.
  • Ben­jamin Brit­ten, Cer­e­mo­ny of Car­ols   Con­duct­ed by the com­pos­er. (The pro­noun­ci­a­tion and into­na­tion of the Dan­ish boys choir leaves some­thing to be desired.)
  • Tra­di­tion­al Ear­ly Eng­lish Car­ols   Per­formed by Alfred Deller and the Deller Con­sort.
  • Hans Leo Has­sler, Motets   Deutsche Gram­mophon Archiv.
  • Hec­tor Berlioz, L’Enfance du Christ   Boston Sym­pho­ny, con­duct­ed by Charles Munch.
  • J. S. Bach, Christ­mas Ora­to­rio, Open­ing Cho­rus & Sin­fo­nia   Deutsche Gram­mophon Archiv ARC3079. This was one  of the great Ger­man con­duc­tor Fritz Lehmann’s last record­ings before his death in 1955; Gun­ther Arndt con­duct­ed the last two of the six can­tatas in 1956. I still have the orig­i­nal LPs.
  • Music of Medieval Court and Coun­try­side  Rus­sell Ober­lin, New York Pro Musi­ca con­duct­ed by Noah Green­berg. Half a cen­tu­ry ago the fans of Rus­sell Ober­lin and Alfred Deller were as pas­sion­ate in their diver­gence as the fol­low­ers of Stravin­sky and Schoen­berg. We in the Ober­lin camp prized his instru­men­tal puri­ty and aus­ter­i­ty and his extend­ed range, total­ly free of falset­to; today I metaphor­i­cal­ly embrace them both.
Here’s a quick-ref­er­ence guide to today’s spe­cial pro­gram­ming ele­ments:
4am PST/12:00 GMT: A KPFA Christ­mas
11am PST/19:00 GMT: ZBS Radio Hour
1pm PST/21:00 GMT: The Radio Riel Play­ers Present: A Christ­mas Car­ol 
4pm PST/00:00 GMT: A KPFA Christ­mas
7pm PST/03:00 GMT: ZBS Radio Hour
9pm PST/05:00 GMT: The Radio Riel Play­ers Present: A Christ­mas Car­ol

* Fol­low­ing today’s pro­gramme, the ZBS Radio Hour will be on hia­tus until the last Sat­ur­day in Jan­u­ary, when we will be begin­ning two new adven­tures.

Today’s pro­gramme is pre­sent­ed by Elrik Mer­lin and pro­duced by Radio Riel in con­junc­tion with our friends at the Alexan­dri­an Free Library Con­sor­tium of Sec­ond Life. You can lis­ten to the pro­gramme in-world now at http://main.radioriel.org, or sim­ply click here to start your play­er, if your brows­er is con­fig­ured to do so. Lis­ten­ers in the Unit­ed States are encour­aged to tune in using this link: http://loudcity.com/stations/radio-riel/tune_in

For more infor­ma­tion on the Alexan­dri­an Free Library, cur­rent exhibits and the work of Con­sor­tium mem­bers in gen­er­al, please vis­it the Alexan­dri­an Free Library web­site, or one of their branch­es in-world.

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