Walton Vieria Presents…An Alternative

Tonight, with Carter tak­ing the night off for some real life things, we are going to present a “pilot” of a new month­ly pre­sen­ta­tion here at Radio Riel: Wal­ton Vieria Presents…An Alter­na­tive. Two hours of the oth­er side of pop­u­lar music with a mix of con­tem­po­rary and clas­sic music with an alter­na­tive and inde­pen­dent incli­na­tion to it. What will be in the mix? Come and hear.

You will be able to lis­ten on Radio Riel Main or in Sec­ond Life at the Edi­son Ball­room ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/New%20Toulouse%20Bourbon/165/135/27 ). Tune in at 6pm SLT/PST to hear what you may have missed out on before.

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