Victory In Europe: 75 Years of Peace

Today on Radio Riel’s Main Stream we remem­ber the fact that 75 years ago yes­ter­day, May 8 1945, the Sec­ond World War came to an end in Europe, an event marked with cel­e­bra­tion as VE Day.

We’ll be play­ing music from the war years and oth­er record­ings from the peri­od.

We also remem­ber that the new spir­it that devel­oped out of the war — in Britain, the found­ing of the Nation­al Health Ser­vices and many oth­er ben­e­fits, and in Europe as a whole, the events that led to the coun­tries of Europe work­ing togeth­er to bring 75 years of peace in Europe, and ulti­mate­ly the found­ing of the Euro­pean Union.

That spir­it is embod­ied by the clos­ing speech by Basil Rath­bone as Sher­lock Holmes in the film Sher­lock Holmes Faces Death (1943):

HOLMES: There’s a new spir­it abroad in the land. The old days of grab and greed are on their way out. We’re begin­ning to think of what we owe the oth­er fel­low, not just what we’re com­pelled to give him. The time is com­ing, Wat­son, when we shan’t be able to fill our bel­lies in com­fort while oth­er folk go hun­gry or sleep in warm beds while oth­ers shiv­er in the cold and we shan’t be able to kneel and thank God for bless­ings before our shin­ing altars while men any­where are kneel­ing in either phys­i­cal or spir­i­tu­al sub­jec­tion.

WAT­SON: You may be right, Holmes. I hope you are.

HOLMES: And god will­ing, we’ll live to see that day, Wat­son.


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