Underwater Steampunk Pirate Ship Party

Sat, 5 Jul, 1pm – 3pm SLT

Please join Capt. Red­gr­rl Llewellyn and Her Grace Gabrielle Riel under­wa­ter …beneath the Queen Anne’s Revenge .….for a Steam­punk Pirate Ship Party…Get dressed in your best Steam­punk, Pirate, Mer­maid or Mer­man outift and dance to the New Wave hits of the 80’s and your favourite Pirate Tunes.
Need a free mermaid/man tail? or Free Pirate garb? See below for a shop­ping list of links for FREE cos­tumes and out­fits. Arrrrggh and Oi! Come get your dance on Matey’s! See you there!
Par­ty loca­tions
Pirate Ship Deck: Queen Anne’s Revenge
Under­wa­ter Dance Floor:

If you are unable to attend you may lis­ten at http://music2.radioriel.org/
————-Shop­ping Links!!!!
FREE Pirate GARB.…make your man into a swash­buck­ler with FREE Roy­al Pirate out­fit on top RIGHT wall of store! oth­er free things also there …look around!
Oth­er good Pirate Shop­ping! FREE Peas­ant Pirate Clothes
FREE mer­maid tail (and mer­man tail) and a FREE mer AO!ever want to get your “mer­maid on?” lure a few sailors onto your rocky shore?go out­side the store and turn around…its’ by the front door on the right! make sure to pick up the FREE AO.….and feel free to swim in my lagoon any­day!
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One Response to “Underwater Steampunk Pirate Ship Party”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i’m SO thrilled you put up the par­ty info! love the pic! thank you and i hope every­one can make this par­ty!
    ~Capt. Red

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