Tribute Island: A Tribute to the Jazz Greats

On Fri­day, Feb­ru­ary 1, Radio Riel begins a twelve week series at Trib­ute Island! Radio Riel will be play­ing a spe­cial series of “trib­ute” shows on TI every Fri­day from 1:00pm — 4:00pm SLT.

Week 1: Gabrielle Riel plays “A Trib­ute to Jazz Greats”

Join us in Sec­ond Life at Trib­ute Island (SLURL: or tune in at !

About Trib­ute Island

Trib­ute Island is all about cel­e­brat­ing the lives of the peo­ple we’ve lost and loved. Peo­ple who have inspired us, enter­tained us, self­less­ly pro­tect­ed us, and who have filled our lives with sound and colour.

Most of our exhibits are inter­ac­tive in some way. This place has loads of ‘East­er eggs’ just for fun. The island is rough­ly divid­ed into top­i­cal areas. Enjoy explor­ing, and click the exhibits for free­bies and to leave your own trib­ute. We also hold reg­u­lar events, and infor­ma­tion is post­ed for these both in the Info Cen­tre and at the hub or avail­able thor­ough the Trib­ute Island group. Why not grab a free Trib­ute Island scoot­er from by the main tele­hub to help you get about.

Trib­ute Island is an ongo­ing exper­i­ment by Asso­ci­at­ed North­cliffe Dig­i­tal, part of the online wing of the DMGT group in the UK. It is kept free for every­one to use for the fore­see­able future. Trib­ute Island is man­aged by AND staff, who run social events and main­tain the sim on a semi-vol­un­tary basis. If you would like to help, please con­tact a sim man­ag­er for more infor­ma­tion.

Trib­ute Island was built dur­ing Octo­ber ’07 by AND, with the senior design con­sul­tants and mas­ter builders of Wind Meta Works.

Please explore the island, take some time to con­tem­plate and think about some of the exhibits, and help cel­e­brate the lives of the peo­ple rep­re­sent­ed here.

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