Topsy Turvy — A Celebration of Gilbert and Sullivan, 1pm Friday

My Lords, Ladies & Gen­tles, pray join us in Cale­don Rothe­say at 1pm SLT for a cel­e­bra­tion, through music & dance, of the top­sy-turvy world of GILBERT & SUL­LI­VAN, with selec­tions from their com­ic operettas that have earned such Great Suc­cess in Lon­don, and var­i­ous curi­ous musi­cal inter­ludes inspired by their works, all brought to light under the baton of Pre­sen­ter MR ELRIK MER­LIN of Radio Riel.

The per­for­mance will take place between 1pm and 3pm SLT on Fri­day 10th April at the FLY­ING HERON THE­ATRE in the skies above CALE­DON ROTHE­SAY. Patrons are encour­aged to wear for­mal evening dress or a cos­tume inspired by the operas, and a PRIZE will be giv­en to the best dressed per­son in atten­dance, but all are wel­come to attend in what­ev­er gar­ments they feel com­fort­able.

Dur­ing the course of the event, MR MER­LIN, upon suit­able dona­tion to the noble cause of the occa­sion, may be per­suad­ed to per­form, with­out the aid of a safe­ty net, one or two SONGS from said Works, live before the audi­ence, at great risk to Life & Limb.

Patrons are advised that THE ELEC­TRIC BELL will ring in the salons and cor­ri­dor three min­utes pri­or to the ris­ing of the cur­tain, and OPERA GLASS­ES will be avail­able from the atten­dants at one shilling and six­pence for the evening.

This deli­cious froth of aur­al delight is brought to you cour­tesy of Team Cale­don 2009, and all pro­ceeds will go to the Amer­i­can Can­cer Soci­ety Relay for Life.

The MUSIC for this extrav­a­gan­za may be heard on Radio Riel’s MAIN STREAM, but patrons are remind­ed that atten­dance in per­son may be even more fun.

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