Today’s Extended Broadcast

Today our exper­i­men­tal extend­ed broad­cast from Brideswell House fea­tures the work of 70’s “mediæ­val rock band” Gryphon, includ­ing all the tracks by the band that were ever released. This includes the four albums released on Transat­lantic Records, the Har­vest fifth album, the two Col­lec­tions, and BBC record­ings.
* Gryphon (1973)
* Mid­night Mushrumps (1974)
* Red Queen to Gryphon Three (1974)
* Rain­dance (1975)
* Trea­son (1977)
All albums released by Transat­lantic Records except Trea­son released by EMI Records.

Com­pi­la­tions and oth­er releas­es
* The Col­lec­tion (1991)
* The Col­lec­tion II (1995)
* About as Curi­ous as It Can Be (2002) — 1974 & 1975 BBC Radio ses­sion per­for­mances
* Glas­ton­bury Car­ol (2003) — 1972 & 1974 BBC Radio ses­sion per­for­mances
* Cross­ing the Styles: The Transat­lantic Anthol­o­gy (2004)

The near­est mod­ern equiv­a­lent to Gryphon is prob­a­bly the band Cir­cu­lus, and we will be play­ing some of their work too.

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