The Third Annual Bookbinder’s Ball — 6–8pm SLT

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by Gabrielle Riel on Friday, 28 August, 2009

Miss Gabrielle Riel, Prim Minister of New Toulouse, and Miss GallateaSu Beaumont, Librarian of New Toulouse, cordially invite you on behalf of our community and the Alexandrian Free Library Consortium to the Third Annual Bookbinder’s Ball this evening from 6–8pm in the Toussaint L’Ouverture Library Ballroom. (

The theme of this year’s Ball is…The Heroine in Literature. We recommend, but do not require, that guests come as their favorite Heroine-centered novel, story, play, or poem. You may come as a character or something else that represents the work. We also have an optional game to see who can guess the most characters/representations correctly.

The Prim Minister will provide the music on Radio Riel New Toulouse. You can tune in by opening in a media player.

The History of the Bookbinder’s Ball

In 2007, the first Bookbinder’s Ball was held in a ballroom high over Caledon Primverness. It was hosted by CoyoteAngel Dimsum, JJ Drinkwater and Gabrielle Riel. The ball was in honor of the new Novels Collection that had just debuted at The Caledon Library. The theme was “Come as Your Favorite 19th Century Novel”.

Pictures from the 2007 Bookbinder’s Ball, courtesy of Perplexity Peccable.

In 2008, the second Bookbinder’s Ball was part of the Radio Riel/Caledon Library “Shakespeare Summer” collaboration and it was held in an Italian Villa in Caledon Carntaigh. It was hosted by JJ Drinkwater and Gabrielle Riel. The theme was “Come As Your Favorite Shakespearean Character”.

Machinima from the 2008 Bookbinder’s Ball, created by Valibrarian Gregg.


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