The Tempest Ball — 8:00pm — 10:00pm SLT

Full fath­om five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes:
Noth­ing of him that doth fade
But doth suf­fer a sea-change
Into some­thing rich and strange.

The Cale­don Library, Radio Riel and Riel Events cor­dial­ly invite you to The Tem­pest Ball, on Sat­ur­day, August 16 from 8:00pm — 10:00pm SLT. This gala event will take place at Win­ter­fell Lib­ris ( You can also tune in to this event on Radio Riel’s main stream at .

Music at the Ball will be pri­mar­i­ly Clas­si­cal, with some Ear­ly, Celtic, Folk and Shake­speare-themed music. We encour­age guests to attend the Ball in cos­tume, either in some­thing inspired by the play or in Shake­spear­i­an attire. Appro­pri­ate cos­tumes would be those of Ital­ian Renais­sance nobil­i­ty or spir­i­tu­al beings.

This event is the final event of SL Shake­speare Sum­mer, which has been fund­ed by a grant from The Foun­da­tion For Rich Con­tent.

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