The Second Annual Riel Day For Life

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by Gabrielle Riel on Friday, 27 May, 2011

On Sunday, June 5, 2011, Radio Riel will be broadcasting a very special program from 12:00am SLT to 12:00am SLT on Monday, June 6 to raise funds for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. This event is a joint venture between Radio Riel and the Aether Chrononauts Relay For Life Team, which includes residents from the Second Life communities of Cala Mondrago, Seraph City, New Toulouse and Winterfell.

These 24 hours of programming on Radio Riel’s Main stream are going to be determined by you, our listeners!  Each hour during the day will be up for grabs for a specific donation amount.  Reserve an hour by paying the donation amount, and we will play the music of your choice for that hour!  Here are the parameters for the day’s programming:

  • We determined the pricing structure for the donations according to the number of listeners per hour that we have averaged on every Sunday in the month of May.  Hours with more listeners are more expensive than lighter hours
  • We priced the donations so we will raise $100,000 L in the 24 hours
  • You can reserve as many hours as you want
  • Your program must be from music that is already in the Radio Riel Music Library.  We have an extensive and eclectic Library, so we should be able to meet your request, however as this project will be very labor intensive, we will not have time to track down “Bar Band Music from Springfield, Massachusetts from 1973 — 1977” or some other obscurity
  • You can make one or two specific song requests for your hour.  Again, we won’t have time to create an all‐request playlist for you from scratch.  If we do not have the song(s) in our Library, then we will contact you to work out an appropriate solution
  • If you are a DJ, you can reserve time on the schedule to play a live set if you wish, as long as you adhere to DMCA internet broadcasting rules. Talk to Gabrielle Riel if you need more information about these rules
  • The Edison Ballroom in New Toulouse Bourbon is at your disposal if you want to host an event there during your hour(s).  We do ask that you do not place a tip jar, and that all tips and donations go into an Aether Chrononauts RFL kiosk

Radio Riel’s Music Library is around 50,000 music tracks and contains every genre, era and style imaginable, with the exception of Contemporary Top 40 Country Music and hard core Rap.

If you would like to reserve an hour, follow these steps:

1. Please send us an email at with the hour you would like to reserve and the theme of your program

2. Teleport to Radio Riel Headquarters in Seraph City in Second Life and pay the RFL kiosk the amount for your hour. If you do not pay the kiosk within 24 hours of sending your email reservation, then your reservation is cancelled and the hour becomes available again

You can view the schedule online in a public Google document in order to see which hours are still available:

There will also be an all‐day dance/listening party at The Edison Ballroom in New Toulouse Bourbon, so please join us, be a part of the Riel Day For Life and support the Aether Chrononauts RFL Team and the American Cancer Society in the fight to conquer cancer.


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