The Return of “Generation X with Gabrielle”

Gen­er­a­tion X with Gabrielle” has returned to Radio Riel’s aether waves!  This was my (Gabi’s) first show that I start­ed on T1 Radio 3.5 years ago.  Gen X with Gabi is all about the music that was released (and/or pop­u­lar) from 1980 — 1999…the years when Gen­er­a­tion X ruled pop cul­ture.  Gen X will run on the first Thurs­day of every month as a part of Radio Riel’s new “first Thurs­day” sched­ule, right after Salma­gun­di, pre­sent­ed by Red Cal­iber.

Tonight, for the re-debut of Gen X with Gabi, I am fea­tur­ing movie theme music from the 1980s.  Themes = music with­out lyrics, so I will NOT be play­ing songs like “Dan­ger Zone” by Ken­ny Log­gins or “Neu­tron Dance” by the Point­er Sis­ters.  Also, I will be run­ning a con­test at The Claren­don Lab dur­ing the show.  I will not be announc­ing the songs in advance.  The first per­son who tells me, in main chat, the name of the movie from which the song came, will receive $100 L.

There are 20+ songs in this playlist, so you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to win some cash!  I also expect fair sports­man­ship in this con­test, so no look­ing at the meta­da­ta on your media play­er if you are using one to lis­ten to the show.  Obvi­ous­ly I won’t know if you have cheat­ed, how­ev­er if you are the sort of per­son that would cheat, then you are not a true Riel Audio­phile.  Riel Audio­philes are folks with class and integri­ty!

Please tune in, or join me this evening at The Claren­don Lab ( in New Bab­bage from 5:30 — 7:00pm SLT.  You can lis­ten in world, or out­side of Sec­ond Life on our Main stream.  And as always, stay tuned in for Edward Pearse’s “Riel Radio The­atre” which starts at 7:00pm SLT.

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