The Ray Bradbury Lecture Series: Part II “Fahrenheit 451” — 6–8pm SLT

Radio Riel presents the sec­ond in their series of Ray Brad­bury pro­grams this evening on our Main stream from 6–8pm SLT.

Join us at Brad­buryville at 5 pm sl for a tour of the island with Cor­win Howlett; 6 pm sl for a lec­ture by Dr. Loren Logs­don on “Fahren­heit 451” and at 7 pm sl for a space music dance with Gabrielle Riel.

Brad­buryville ( is part of The Big Read Ini­tia­tive spon­sored by the Nation­al Endow­ment for the Arts and is open to the pub­lic. Alliance Library Sys­tem devel­oped the walk-in book con­cept as a way to fur­ther immerse vis­i­tors into the nov­el Fahren­heit 451, the sem­i­nal work by writer Ray Brad­bury.

Vis­i­tors will dress as the books pro­tag­o­nist, lit­er­al­ly walk through the cov­er of a large copy of Fahren­heit 451, then watch and inter­act as scenes from the book appear around them. Nar­ra­tions describes the action and themes of the sto­ry as the scenes change and evolve. Par­tic­i­pants are left with a ques­tion to pon­der regard­ing what book they most val­ue or would choose to pro­tect.

In addi­tion to Fahren­heit 451, oth­er Brad­bury nov­els fea­tured on the island include Dan­de­lion Wine, the Mar­t­ian Chron­i­cles, and Some­thing Wicked This Way Comes.

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