The Radio Riel Players Present: Tales from New Babbage — The Robber Bridegroom

The Radio Riel Play­ers Present” is Radio Riel’s inde­pen­dent radio pro­duc­tion of clas­sic sto­ries, poems and plays, all per­formed by The Radio Riel Play­ers from around the world.

Tales from New Bab­bage” are dark­er sto­ries brought to you by the res­i­dents of the Steam­punk City-State of New Bab­bage. As they say in New Bab­bage, what could pos­si­bly go wrong?

In 1812, the Broth­ers Grimm pub­lished the first edi­tion of House­hold and Chil­dren’s Tales.

300 years lat­er, these same tales, half remem­bered from our own child­hood read­ings, still haunt the dark cor­ners of our minds. To cel­e­brate the 300th anniver­sary of the book that evolved into Grim­m’s Fairy Tales, we proud­ly present one of the grimmest of those sto­ries. As grue­some as this tale is, it was not removed from the final edi­tions, per­haps for its val­ue as a cau­tion­ary tale.

Read­er: Satu More­au
Intro/Outro: Junie Gins­burg
Music: Sneaky Snitch and Dark­est Child by Kevin MacLeod
Post-pro­duc­tion: Mos­seveno Tenk
Run­time: 11:40
Radio Riel Air­date: Feb. 5, 2012

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