The Radio Riel Players Present: Tales from New Babbage, The Christmas 2011 Edition

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by Gabrielle Riel on Sunday, 25 December, 2011

Christmas in New Babbage, when the city is covered in snow, and we gather around the hearth for the very Victorian custom of telling a ghost story on Christmas Eve.

Stargirl MacBain reads The Christmas Fairy of Strasburg, adapted from the German by J. Stirling Coyne (1803–1868).

Victor1st Mornington reads The Ghost of the Blue Chamber, by Jerome K. Jerome, from Told After Supper, 1891.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, O Christmas Tree, Fugue in D Minor, Kling Glöckchen, White Christmas, arranged and performed by Canolli Capalini, from the Capalini Fine Furnishings Music Box Collections.

Fairy Tale Waltz, Isolated Harp from Danse Macabre, Ominous Gloom, written and performed by Kevin MacLeod.

Outro: Ianone Constantine

Additional voices recorded in the city’s numerous pubs and bars.

Runtime: 30:21

Produced for Radio Riel by Mosseveno Tenk.

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Listening party will be held Sunday, Dec. 25th, at 7pm Pacific at the transient camp in Babbage Palisades. Dress warmly.

If you need more New Babbage fixes until the next show, we proudly present 2 original volumes now available online:

Tales of New Babbage, a collection of original short stories written by the residents of New Babbage, in traditional paperback format, shipping now from Babbage Fiction Press.

The Clockhaven Chronicles, 1st edition, an illustrated steampunk adventure, in electronic format from Pennygaff Publishing, and also on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Happy Christmas, and keep building!


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