The Radio Riel Players Present: Tales from New Babbage, The Christmas 2010 Edition

The Radio Riel Play­ers Present” is Radio Riel’s inde­pen­dent radio pro­duc­tion of clas­sic sto­ries, poems and plays, all per­formed by The Radio Riel Play­ers from around the world.

Tales from New Bab­bage” are dark­er sto­ries brought to you by the res­i­dents of the Steam­punk City-State of New Bab­bage. This is the dark and twist­ed side of Christmas…and as they say in New Bab­bage, what could pos­si­bly go wrong?

This episode fea­tures:
Bian­ci Namori read­ing “King Win­ter“
Loki Elliot read­ing “Bil­ly’s San­ta Claus Expe­ri­ence“
Amadeus Ham­mer­er read­ing “Knecht Ruprecht“
Victor1st Morn­ing­ton read­ing “The Gob­lins’ Cav­ern“
Tepic Har­le­quin read­ing “Three of a Trade or Lit­tle Red Kris Kringle“
MichaelD Man­nonen read­ing the cred­its and attri­bu­tions

Pro­duc­er: Mos­seveno Tenk

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