The Radio Riel Players Present: Love 2011

The Radio Riel Play­ers Present” is Radio Riel’s inde­pen­dent radio pro­duc­tion of clas­sic sto­ries, poems and plays, all per­formed by The Radio Riel Play­ers from around the world.

Per­form­ers in this episode:
Edward Pearse: Valen­tine’s Super­sti­tions in the Vic­to­ri­an Era
Podru­ly Pec­ca­ble: “It’s All I Have to Bring” by Emi­ly Dick­in­son
Gabrielle Riel: “After Part­ing” by Sara Teasedale
Rowan Der­ry­th: “Wil­lowood” by Dante Gabriel Roset­ti
Gabrielle Riel: “Time Does Not Bring Relief, You All Have Lied” by Edna St. Vin­cent Mil­lay
Savan­nah Blind­side: “Son­net XXI­II” by William Shake­speare
Gabrielle Riel: “The Look” by Sara Teas­dale
Rowan Der­ry­th: “I Car­ry Your Heart With Me” by ee cum­mings
Gabrielle Riel: “Because” by Sara Teasedale
Leo Otawara: “La Pre­gun­da” by Pablo Neru­da
JJ Drinkwa­ter, Gabrielle Riel, Soliel Snook, Edwina Heron & Reghan Straaf: Act 3 Scene 1 from “A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream” by William Shake­speare
Rowan Der­ry­th: “Phe­nom­e­nal Woman” by Maya Angelou
Edward Pearse: “Alche­my” by Fran­cis Car­lin
Gabrielle Riel: “Hid­den Love” by Sara Teasedale
Gabrielle Riel: “Roundel” by Sara Teasedale
Gabrielle Riel: Je Suis Per­du by Alfred de Mus­set

This episode pro­duced by Gabrielle Riel.

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