The Peckerwood Pool Party — 4–6pm SLT

Who cares if it’s gray, gloomy and cold for most of us in the North­ern Hemisphere…we have the month­ly Peck­er­wood Pool Par­ty to bring the sun and the fun into our late Fri­day after­noon!

Please join our hosts Jayle­den Miles and Jame­son Despres, and me, Gabrielle Riel, as we lounge and dance by the pool from 4–6pm SLT this evening in the Bona sim (

Tonight’s music is “Gabi’s New Elec­tron­i­ca & Dance” so put on your swim suits and your danc­ing shoes because I am throw­ing down the beats tonight. You can also tune in at in a media play­er to lis­ten remote­ly.

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