The Mad Hatter’s To-a-T-Party — Friday, 1pm SLT

Twin­kle, twin­kle lit­tle bat,
1 to 4 and bring a hat,

April 3rd with­out a care,

To-a‑T in Cale­don Eyre.

Mer­ry Unbirth­day” we will say,
Flamin­gos and hedge­hogs play cro­quet,

Waltz among the din­ner things,

“I’m late, I’m late” white rab­bit sings.

Cheshire cats will smile with glee,
Great big cups of dor­mouse tea,
“Drink Me” bot­tles and cake for free,

So come along and dance with me!

Miss Ter­ry Light­foot gra­cious­ly invites you to the Mad Hatter’s To-a-T-Par­ty at To-a‑T in Cale­don Eyre on the 3rd April.

The tea starts flow­ing between 1–4 pm SLT and Mr Elrik Mer­lin will be play­ing many a fine tune to aid diges­tion, encour­age riotous danc­ing and to cre­ate a con­ducive atmos­phere for perus­ing Miss Lightfoot’s many fine cre­ations.

For­mal and/or casu­al attire and eccen­tric­i­ty required.

If you can’t be there in per­son, we invite you to enjoy the musi­cal enter­tain­ment on our Sec­ondary Stream at

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