The Fourth Tower of Inverness” for Hallowe’en — October 31

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by Elrik Merlin on Monday, 22 October, 2007

To coincide with Hallowe’en, Radio Riel will be broadcasting the entire 7.5 hour classic radio serial, The Fourth Tower of Inverness, from ZBS Media, on Wednesday, October 31st, from 3am SLT (10am UK). This will be broadcast on the Brideswell Stream of Radio Riel, at and will run three times during the course of the day, to end at about 4:45 am SLT on November 1st.

A unique interwoven and utterly addictive blend of humour, paganism, Western Tradition magic, Hindu mythology, Sufi stories, ESP and other amazing stuff, The Fourth Tower has enchanted listeners ever since it was first broadcast in 1972. It was unlike anything produced in radio drama then – and remains so today.

The entire story takes place within a mysterious Victorian mansion, high on a mountain above the pines and mists that surround the Bay of Inverness. The mansion has three towers, but while visiting, Jack Flanders claims to have seen a fourth. What can it mean? And why is it that Jack hears the distant playing of 50s songs… just before an ‘accident’ is about to happen? Is it being played from a mysterious jukebox, high in the mysterious Fourth Tower? Jack has to find out – and these are the many adventures that ensue. Meet Jack and his aunt, Lady Jowls… and a whole cast of amazing characters, from the Madonna Vampira to Little Frieda, the strange girl with pigtails and no pupils in her eyes, who smokes Havana cigars…

The series features Robert Lorick as Jack Flanders, Valerie Manches as Lady Jowls, Murray Head as Lord Jowls, and M. Fulton as Chief Wampum.

If you were growing up in the US in the 1970s you may have heard this classic serial on Public Radio… but whether you did or not, you are in for a ‘Riel’ treat.

ZBS Media went on to produce many more amazing radio dramas, and the group with its charitable ZBS Foundation (donations tax-deductible in the US) still exist today, releasing their enormous and expanding range of remarkable tales on CD and for download. If you enjoy The Fourth Tower you can own it — and many other tales in the same vein and beyond. Visit the ZBS Media website at for more… and why not make a donation to the continuation of classic radio drama?

The Fourth Tower of Inverness — all day on October 31st, on Radio Riel — The Brideswell Stream: Don’t miss it!


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