The Early Music Show

in Daily Programme, Radio Riel Main

by Elrik Merlin on Saturday, 3 October, 2015

Today we’re presenting a programme of Early Music, featuring a lively new recording of Vivaldi on original instruments. The music comes primarily from the Renaissance period, and featuring music from many parts of Western Europe. However, there are some lively renditions of a few Mediæval pieces too. Many of the performances use original instruments and attempt to recreate the authentic sound of the pieces at the time they were written.

Vivaldi-ChandlerIndeed, today we are featuring the new recording of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons and other pieces by La Serenissima, directed by Adrian Chandler. You would think there were enough recordings of this piece by now — The Four Seasons is the most‐recorded piece of music in the classical repertoire — but we think you’ll find this lively rendition particularly enjoyable, and the album includes some pieces that are less‐well‐known but equally worthy of attention.

Today’s programme is presented by Elrik Merlin. If you are in the United States or Canada, please click here to launch the Stream Licensing player. To listen from outside North America, click here to start your player .

This programme is also available in enhanced‐quality AAC. Tune in here:


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