The BardHaven Ball

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by Gabrielle Riel on Friday, 26 October, 2007

Saturday, October 27 — 10:00pm — 1:00am SLT

To be held amongst the BardHaven Ancestral Tombs and Reliquaries in Caledon Speirling, The BardHaven Ball promises a merry evening of dancing, debauchery and the occasional sacrifice to the Elder Gods.

Your hosts the Lord and Lady of BardHaven, Baron Zealot Benmergui, Marquis d’Illyria and Baroness Kirawill Collingwood, Marquess of E. Speirling are pleased to invite all citizens of Caledon, Winterfell and Steelhead to this years festivities, which promises to be so exciting people will literally be DYING to get in.

Entertainment will be provided by the Duchess of Decibels, Her Grace Gabrielle Riel of Carntaigh, who will be DJing using music selected just for the Ball by Baron BardHaven himself. Guests are urged to spend time fully exploring the Isle d’Illyria in addition to haunting the dancefloor, as there are many surprises, shocks and activities hidden around the environs.

The dress for The BardHaven Ball is traditionally High Gothic, but appropriate Masquerade is welcome. All guests are requested to arrive dressed, and to remain so until at least the conclusion of the first waltz. All guests are duly reminded that The BardHaven Ball is intended for ADULTS, so while debauchery is not required, it is certainly permissable (not to mention highly recommended). Therefore we ask that all children and adults with weak hearts/senses of humor not attend or be surgically blinded before arriving. The House of BardHaven is in no way liable for ANYTHING that may happen to a guest while attending The Ball.

The Ball will be continuing all night and the music and dancing will go on until the first light of dawn…assuming anyone lives to see it.

All virgins (male or female) who would like to be considered for sacrifice during The Ball are asked to kindly IM Kirawill Collingwood with their name, blood type, and any known allergies.


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Elrik Merlin October 28, 2007 at 09:21

Now THAT is what I call a ... ummmm.... whateveritis.


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