Tango! 3:00pm — 6:00pm SLT

There has been dis­cov­ered with­in Cale­don, a seedy Argen­tin­ian bar of ques­tion­able rep­u­ta­tion. A respectable lady of soci­ety would nev­er show her face there, how­ev­er, it is heard that a great many ladies occu­py the place: actress­es, dancers, dis­graced debu­tantes. They dance for mon­ey and dance the whole night through, switch­ing part­ners and danc­ing the most risqué of tan­gos.

Come share a sin­ful dance with Cale­don’s finest boni­tas. Girls will be offer­ing sets of three tan­gos for a small ‘dona­tion’… to Relay for Life! And gen­tle­men are wel­come to tip for live­ly con­ver­sa­tion, but remem­ber, mon­ey is paid for time spent, not ser­vices pro­vid­ed ::wink::

Per­on sym­pa­thiz­ers, gueril­la rev­o­lu­tion­ar­ies, and Argen­tine pimps wel­come.

April 5th 3–6 SLT
Carmini­ta de Cale­don
Duchy of Greystoke
Music gen­er­ous­ly pro­vid­ed by Soleil Snook and Radio Riel — tune in at http://music.radioriel.org

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