Tales from New Babbage

…it’s about the City, we are just play­ers on its stage…
(pho­to by PJ Tren­ton)

Radio Riel is pleased to announce a new audio pro­duc­tion to its ros­ter of pro­grams: “Tales from New Bab­bage”.

TfNB is a rough­ly 60 minute long audio pro­gram that is an anthol­o­gy of short sto­ries about The City of New Bab­bage. Gabrielle Riel and Mos­seveno Tenk are the pro­gram Producers…and we want your help to make this pro­gram hap­pen! We are seek­ing:

  • Sto­ry Writ­ers — we wel­come short sto­ry sub­mis­sions from any and all writ­ers
  • Sto­ry Read­ers — we need peo­ple with excel­lent dra­mat­ic voice skills to read the sto­ries; sto­ry authors are also wel­come to read their own sto­ries

A sin­gle read­er will per­form each sto­ry. We will also wel­come dra­mas writ­ten for mul­ti­ple char­ac­ters if some­one sub­mits them. Sto­ries should be no longer than 2000 words.

TfNB does not have a con­crete sched­ule nor dead­lines. We will gath­er sto­ries as they come in, and we will pro­duce a pro­gram when we have rough­ly 60 min­utes of mate­r­i­al. We will then wait until we receive anoth­er 60 min­utes worth, and then pro­duce show num­ber two…and so on.

Keep in mind that sto­ry sub­mis­sion does not guar­an­tee inclu­sion in the pro­gram. The Pro­duc­ers will review all sto­ries pri­or to pro­duc­tion and it is pos­si­ble that you will be asked to edit your sto­ry, or that your sto­ry might be held until a lat­er pro­gram based on its theme. Authors, if you have any con­cerns or ques­tions about theme or tone of a sto­ry, please con­tact Mos­seveno Tenk before you write, or dur­ing your writ­ing.

We also wel­come sto­ries about actu­al New Bab­bage his­to­ry, leg­ends or pre­vi­ous role­plays. This will be a way that we can doc­u­ment some of the sto­ries that have already played out in Bab­bage. These sto­ries can edu­cate new res­i­dents, and res­i­dents of oth­er com­mu­ni­ties, about com­mon and ongo­ing sto­ry threads in the City, for exam­ple the antics of the evil Dr. Obe­len­sky.

If you would like to con­tribute to TfNB, please con­tact Gabrielle Riel or Mos­seveno Tenk to let them know.…or sim­ply sub­mit a sto­ry, and help us put this pro­gram into pro­duc­tion!

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