Tales from New Babbage

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by Gabrielle Riel on Wednesday, 18 November, 2009

…it’s about the City, we are just players on its stage…
(photo by PJ Trenton)

Radio Riel is pleased to announce a new audio production to its roster of programs: “Tales from New Babbage”.

TfNB is a roughly 60 minute long audio program that is an anthology of short stories about The City of New Babbage. Gabrielle Riel and Mosseveno Tenk are the program Producers…and we want your help to make this program happen! We are seeking:

  • Story Writers — we welcome short story submissions from any and all writers
  • Story Readers — we need people with excellent dramatic voice skills to read the stories; story authors are also welcome to read their own stories

A single reader will perform each story. We will also welcome dramas written for multiple characters if someone submits them. Stories should be no longer than 2000 words.

TfNB does not have a concrete schedule nor deadlines. We will gather stories as they come in, and we will produce a program when we have roughly 60 minutes of material. We will then wait until we receive another 60 minutes worth, and then produce show number two…and so on.

Keep in mind that story submission does not guarantee inclusion in the program. The Producers will review all stories prior to production and it is possible that you will be asked to edit your story, or that your story might be held until a later program based on its theme. Authors, if you have any concerns or questions about theme or tone of a story, please contact Mosseveno Tenk before you write, or during your writing.

We also welcome stories about actual New Babbage history, legends or previous roleplays. This will be a way that we can document some of the stories that have already played out in Babbage. These stories can educate new residents, and residents of other communities, about common and ongoing story threads in the City, for example the antics of the evil Dr. Obelensky.

If you would like to contribute to TfNB, please contact Gabrielle Riel or Mosseveno Tenk to let them know.…or simply submit a story, and help us put this program into production!


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